Welcome! My name is Victoria.  I’m an avid snacker, cereal lover, continually learning baker, cozy enthusiast, and introverted twenty-something year old who wants to see the world. 

I’m a native to the beautiful central coast of California, but for the past couple of years have been exploring Minnesota’s twin cities, where my husband is attending medical school. Most days you can find me serving others as a registered nurse on a telemetry unit.  

Now you may be wondering why a nurse is writing a food and travel blog. Well the short answer is that I am craving to rediscover the creativity I feel I lost touch with after going through a mathematic and science driven education. And the long answer involves me explaining some of the creative inventions that I used to come up with, but don’t worry, I’ll spare you the ridiculousness.

My love for baking can be traced back to my upbringing. My mom showed me first hand the power that making a homemade meal or treat for others can have in warming the heart. Sacrificing time and energy to create food for someone is one of my favorite ways to show love. I am by no means an expert, trust me I’ve had my fair share of kitchen blunders, but I am eager to continually be learning and improving!

Unlike baking, where my entire childhood spurred my interest, my desire to see the world can be pinned to my first international trip – the Mediterranean. Through that trip and the ones that followed in a variety of countries I realized that there was so much more to traveling than just cool hotel pools. I have fallen in love with getting to experience a new culture’s customs, cuisine, architecture, language, beliefs, and meeting people different from myself – yet also realizing how similar we are. Travel has taught me independence, confidence, perspective, and frequently smacks me in the face with how much I take for granted as a privileged, white American.

So, again welcome to this little food and travel blog of mine. I welcome you to come along on this journey with me, whether as your own participant or observer – either way, it’s nice to meet you! 


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